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That's me (hiding) behind the art!

In my 100 years since graduating from RISD, I have spent decades drawing for kids, magazines, scientists, gurus, video gamers, yogurt makers, engineers, theaters, and educators.


This shop is where I combine all that technique I have practiced daily with all the subtle magic of light, color, and beauty I have observed, to create images people get really sentimental about. It’s where I get to crash into total stranger’s joyful moments and conspire with them to make something heartfelt and unique.

It makes me feel like when I was a kid making presents for the people I loved. My heart beats in every piece of my Sentimental Reasons custom art. Customize to add your heartbeat too!

Leslie Alfred McGrath

Made this as a thank you note for my own wedding back in 1992. Seems like the idea for custom wedding posters was in my head even then!

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